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Costa Rica, 2005

going through old pictures and came across this gem. Me and Scott Beers aka Bruka there in the front of the boat. Man I want to go back.

best present EVER!

You're never too old to play with kick-ass toys! My girlfriend appreciates and encourages the geek in me. Thank god! (that's the Millenium Falcon there for anyone who might be wondering)
The Gizmodo spread on this particular incarnation of the classic freighter:

Zombie Playground

I love this one from Jason Chan

Jan. 22nd, 2009

while Darth looks great, I think a Bush action figure would be a more appropriate opponent for Jedi Master Obama. I've heard that Bush's training included brush clearing in the jungles of a planet called Texas.

the little things

  • 13:52 This weather makes me want to fly dogs in the park. #

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the little things

  • 17:58 Elvis Presley Memorial combo at Chuy's -- god bless tex-mex. Austin, get in my belly. #

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Check it. Fractal cow - that cow has SMALLER COWS and it's cows all the way to the bottom.

seriously, what the hell? Man, I hate Boxy.

the little things

  • 10:23 somehow all my dress shirts are missing buttons, like all down the front. I hope I had fun. #
  • 17:53 @Tomprice have same issue trying to pipe through FFox on PC. Lamez. Not sure why that tech is slaved to IE but it sucks. #
  • 18:02 We are not so much made by a creator but deduced. -Greg Bear from a book I'm starting to like. #
  • 18:42 @Dutch_Girl I'll throw whiskey on you AND Steve23, any time, any where. I'll aim for your mouth but no promises. #
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